I9003 Custom ROM…ChippyROM_v1.0


I have managed to complete ChippyROM_v1.0 for myself, if you want to try it, please feel free. This is not entirely my work. I have used various files from many developers as base and modified them to suite my taste. So this is not super duper space age ROM.. Just a simple lean and clean rom with descent reflexes to meet my purpose for I 9003. Custom wallpaper gallery and speed tweaks implemented. Its highly stripped down XXKPH Gingerbread ROM of 150 mb as compared to 345 mb of stock ROM. Link to  Release is here ..ChippyROM_v1.0

I have made this ROM primarily from work/office profile point of view where i wanted to keep the distractions to the minimum. GUI required was sleek and responsive. So i have removed many default programs and modified few. I have used darker colors which demand less amount of power so that battery can last longer.I am attaching few screenshots here.Thanks to many SMAARRT_GEEK_ANGELS0x0 who relentlessly putting their efforts to make I9003 device worth using. Constructive suggestions to make this ROM better is always welcome.

1. XXKPH Gingerbread/Deodexed/EXT4
2. TWLauncher replaced with Zeam Launcher
3. modified 3D gallery (more efficient)
4. SII Mail, mail widget, clock widget
5. My Modified TWallpaper pack with new icon and assorted walls
6. Modified vivekkalady’s scrollable Notification bar with 7 toggles buttons (on xda-developers forum) with nice glassy mesh background.
7. Modified swype keyboard (very neatly done by Lordrdx666 on xda-developers forum)
8. CRT animation & Extended power menu
9. replaced icons and graphics in some apps for better synergy
10. I have used Phone.apk and dialertabactivity.apk from one of the ROM/theme kkrraazzyy on xda-developers forum
11. Lock screen calendar app from market to get appointments/meetings on lock screen.
1. TWLauncher other stock bloatwares
2. Original Gallery
& many more…
1.Zeam Launcher
2.Genie widget
4.S2 Email widget(transparent)
& few more…

To do..
1. polish email widget
2. polish phone.apk
3. odin version

Download: ChippyROM_v1.0

5 responses to “I9003 Custom ROM…ChippyROM_v1.0

  1. great rom, more impressive than cranium and other roms, except for a few glitches here and there, some are rebooting while playing videos (youtube,video players etc), turning off automatically even though there is battery, im pretty sure your next release will perfect those minor glitches. For the good side, responsive, fast fast FAST!!!!, clean interface (not funky/childish), no “show off” additions to rom which can be quiet irritating some times and the inclusion of move to sd enabler.
    Two words, perfect & professional! Thanks a lot for the rom! I know around 18-20 friends with i9003 all eagerly waiting for your second release! I would be really grateful if you can buzz me on nihalcvn@hotmail.com when u make the release. Thanks once again 🙂

    • Thanks Nihal for all good word of appreciation. My office work dont really give me chance to work on it for long. I generally work on roms when I am on vacations. By the way very soon I am planning one vacation, year end you know 🙂

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