ChippyROM.V2.XXKPQ .. Work in progress

I have moved to XXKPQ sometime back and also changes few of my favorite apps. ChippyROM.V2.XXKPQ is not developed or coded by me and i do not take credit of this creation. I have just collected and compiled various apks, modded few pngs and deleted many.. :).

This rom is heavily based on work by Tarunagg, blaqkarma, doomlord and Amit on xda-developers I9003 forum.

Few of the screenies of this ROM are as under.

Lock ScreenDefault HomeNews and WeatherMultimedia

Bit of polishing will make this rom worthy. As of now i am giving it a final touch.

2 responses to “ChippyROM.V2.XXKPQ .. Work in progress

  1. Great work mate !
    but could you PLEASE make the rom for DDKP3 firmware as well? i am on ddkp3 and dont want to switch because (i believe !) it gives me better network coverage and better battery life !
    Nevertheless, chippy looks like one smoooooth ROM !
    Keep up the good work,

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