Releasing ChippyROM.V2.XXKPQ

I think this is done. so moving it from WIP to Release 
This ROM is just a compilation of work by many developers. I do not take any credit of development. I have just collected and compiled different parts of roms. Also modded few apks and deleted many... This ROM is compiled to suite my taste and purpose. Planning to share as like minded may find it useful.
This rom do not include sync apps for google(contact&calendar) or samsung to keep internet usage to minimum. I use email.apk to configure all my mail accounts. 

highlights of ROM..
1. ext4 filesystem
2. ICS theme by Tarunagg
3. build.prop from Poseidon ROM by balqkarma
4. removed bloats


  1. aldiko-standard- (Book Reader-Deleted)
  2. BuddiesNow.apk(Contact widget-Deleted)
  3. ChocoEUKor.apk(Font-Deleted)
  4. CoolEUKor.apk(Font- Deleted)
  5. Days.apk(another Sammy bloat-Deleted)
  6. Dlna.apk (AllShare - deleted)
  7. DualClock.apk(dual clock widget-Deleted)
  8. FactoryTest.apk(Deleted)
  9. HTMLViewer.apk(Deleted)
  10.GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk(Deleted-quicksearch widget removed)
  11.InfoAlarm.apk (Deleted)
  17.MobileTrackerEngineTwo.apk(Deleted-stock mobile tracker will not work)
  18.MobileTrackerUI.apk(Deleted-stock mobile tracker will not work)
  19.MtpApplication.apk(Deleted-kies will not work)
  20.PhoneSetupWizard.apk (deleted-Automatic setup won't be run on first boot)
  22.Protips.apk(Tips widget-Deleted)
  24.SamsungApps.apk(sammy apps-Deleted)
  25.SamsungAppsUNA3.apk(sammy apps sync-deleted)
  30.signin.apk (Deleted-Settings>About phone>Software update will not work..
     anyway it never worked :D)
  31.SnsAccount.apk(Deleted-Facebook & Twiter will not work..I dont use it)
  32.SnsProvider.apk(Deleted-Facebook & Twiter will not work..I dont use it)
  33.syncmldm.apk(sammy software update-Deleted-Settings>About phone>Software update will not work..
     anyway it never worked :D)
  34.syncmlds.apk(sammy account -Deleted-Settings>About phone>Software update will not work..
     anyway it never worked :D)
  35.talkback.apk(text to speech app-Deleted)
  36.TwWallpaperChooser.apk(stock wallpapers-deleted)
  37.UnifiedInbox.apk(common email inbox-deleted)
  40.wipereceiver.apk(remote wipe commands-deleted)
  42.wssyncmlnps.apk (opens port 1108..may be for kies-Deleted)
  44.GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk(Deleted-will not sync gmail contacts)
  45.GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk(Deleted-will non sync gmail calendar)

5. included few useful apps and sleek transparent widgets
6. latest release of market/maps(with navigation)/gmail
7. few apps replaced

 1. ApplicationsProvider.apk, email.apk and TouchWizCalendar.apk replaced with CM7 apps
 2. AxT9IME.apk (Samsung Keyboards replaced with LatimIME.apk by Vivek
 3. MusicPlayer.apk and soundplayer.apk replaced with MIUI Music(Transparent widget) Mod 
 4. thinkdroid.apk replaced with SGSII Polaris office
 5. TouchWiz30Launcher.apk stock launcher replaced with Zeam launcher
 6. TouchWizCalculator.apk replaced with AOSP calculator
 7. VoiceRecorder.apk replaced with CM7 sound recorder
 8. ClockPackage.apk replaced with Deskclock ICS mod
 10 camera.apk replaced with low battery mod shared by trip007in

-Flashed Stock XXKPQ ROM
-Flashed universal CFROOT by Amit and UC7 kernel by Doomlord
-Deodexed ROM
-copied to SDCARD
-using CWM recovery installed zip file
-last image is the bootlogo that i made. You can download from here.

To install, you need to place this image in the folder /mnt/.lfs/ as logo.jpg with RootExplorer or any other root file manager

Recommended apps:
Apart from apps included in ROM I recommend following apps
1. Root Explorer(absolutely essential)
2. Quickpic (better than stock viewer)
3. OperaMini(faster browser)
4. Moboplayer(excellent video player)
5. HaxorScreenFilter (control brightness)
6. SMSBackup (backup SMS to your gmail account)


This rom includes work by Tarunagg, blaqkarma, trip007in, vivek and fuss123.

Obviously works by doomlord, and amit and many more developers from  were essential ingredients.

Rom flashing is always risky. Flash only if you are ready to take that risk. I will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused.


2 responses to “Releasing ChippyROM.V2.XXKPQ

  1. I do not have this device anymore. I am really not in position to support further.
    By the way I after digging through my hard drive i got copy of this rom but i am not sure if this is the final copy. I am not able to test so you may try at your own risk.
    Since multiupload link is not working. I will push it to
    Regards – Chippy

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