SlimWizz2_Tablet …SlimWizz streched to tabletUI

This is full wipe ROM

Purpose: Make SlimWizz work as tablet to take advantage of huge real estate offered by Note.

Actions: Integrate xperiacle mods in slimwizz alongwith Note10.1 apps

Generous Help offered by:
xperiacle (Thanks for reviewing this ROM and providing multiwindow and tablet patch)
raj_ch2002 (Thanks for XXLSC rom @240DPI ROM and allowing it to use as base rom)
ianbbaa : You started it all !!! Thanks for Tab5.3
barathan, mac231us, Adhityairvan, raghav84, Galaxtus, KSauzeRK and many more for keeping this thread alive and me motivated
Current state: SlimWizz transformed to SlimWizz2_tablet @198mb With Responsive, minimal and stock interface and retained all necessary features.

ToDo: 1. cwm package for snote, 2. Give Note10.1 apps a dark look 3. add blackberry lockscreen

Brief: Rom is based on SlimWizz (Based on XXLSC rom @240DPI by Raj). ROM is for users who like to build up their own ROMs with a working minimal base. This rom is solely for educational purpose. Please do not flash this rom if you are not fully aware of side center and bottom effect of ROM flashing.

Flashing time : under 100 Secs from wiping partitions…

download : SlimWizz2_tablet

Installation: use philz TW kernel (i am using philz3.99)
1. download SlimWizz2_Tablet and xplose framework along with xposed app setting module. place these files on sdcard
2. boot in recovery
3. cleanup for new rom flash(use philz menu)
4. install rom
In case you want better appearance
5. post flash please enable unknown sources from sdcard in settings
6. install xposed framework and xposed app settings module (since developer dont wish it to be included in custom roms, i have not included it)
7. activate configure xposed framework and app settings module, proceed for reboot
8. using xposed app setting configure contacts,mms email as 177DPI with 800×1280 resolution and enable TabletUI (refer screenshot no 4)
9. depending on your test you may keep certain appz at 240 DPI. (I prefer root explorer and xposed app settings programs at 240 DPI)
10. install any other apps if you want and enjoy SlimWizz stretched to tabletUI
You can download xposed framework and app setting module from xperiacle’s thread here in N7000 app & themes section. Thread also provide you detailed overview and help.

1. contacts, mms, email apps replaced with respective apps from Note10.1.
2. added google sync (contacts,calendar,picasa & bookmarks) on demand
3. tabletUI and multiwindow mod from xperiacle. Please thank xperiacle here.

This is not a perfect ROM. Perfection is journey not a destination. But You can make it best for you since it offers you a basic stuff needed. Put only your required stuff.
Don’t buy all that is sold, Don’t desire what you hold. Just take what you need, rest is only a weed 


SlimWizz My first ROM for Galaxy Note

SlimWizz…its touchwiz stripped to the bones..:-)

Introduction- SlimWizz is a minimal Touchwiz stock rom with bloatwares removed. All those apps which i hardly use are kicked out. I have tried to retain max possible stock features and enhance the overall responsiveness of stock rom. 

Purpose: To provide SGN users a minimal stock rom with no bloats while retaining max. possible stock features and enhance overall responsiveness of stock ROM.

Actions: To remove all bloats, replace essential but oversized apps with better and slimmer apps, remove optional files such as languages, ringtones, wallpapers which users should be able to add based on their requirements.

Current state:Touchwiz transformed to SlimWizz @196mb With Responsive, minimal and stock interface and retained all necessary features.

Download : SlimWizz from here

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Releasing ChippyROM.V2.XXKPQ

I think this is done. so moving it from WIP to Release 
This ROM is just a compilation of work by many developers. I do not take any credit of development. I have just collected and compiled different parts of roms. Also modded few apks and deleted many... This ROM is compiled to suite my taste and purpose. Planning to share as like minded may find it useful.
This rom do not include sync apps for google(contact&calendar) or samsung to keep internet usage to minimum. I use email.apk to configure all my mail accounts. 

highlights of ROM..
1. ext4 filesystem
2. ICS theme by Tarunagg
3. build.prop from Poseidon ROM by balqkarma
4. removed bloats


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I9003 Custom ROM…ChippyROM_v1.0


I have managed to complete ChippyROM_v1.0 for myself, if you want to try it, please feel free. This is not entirely my work. I have used various files from many developers as base and modified them to suite my taste. So this is not super duper space age ROM.. Just a simple lean and clean rom with descent reflexes to meet my purpose for I 9003. Custom wallpaper gallery and speed tweaks implemented. Its highly stripped down XXKPH Gingerbread ROM of 150 mb as compared to 345 mb of stock ROM. Link to  Release is here ..ChippyROM_v1.0

I have made this ROM primarily from work/office profile point of view where i wanted to keep the distractions to the minimum. GUI required was sleek and responsive. So i have removed many default programs and modified few. I have used darker colors which demand less amount of power so that battery can last longer.I am attaching few screenshots here.Thanks to many SMAARRT_GEEK_ANGELS0x0 who relentlessly putting their efforts to make I9003 device worth using. Constructive suggestions to make this ROM better is always welcome.

1. XXKPH Gingerbread/Deodexed/EXT4
2. TWLauncher replaced with Zeam Launcher
3. modified 3D gallery (more efficient)
4. SII Mail, mail widget, clock widget
5. My Modified TWallpaper pack with new icon and assorted walls
6. Modified vivekkalady’s scrollable Notification bar with 7 toggles buttons (on xda-developers forum) with nice glassy mesh background.
7. Modified swype keyboard (very neatly done by Lordrdx666 on xda-developers forum)
8. CRT animation & Extended power menu
9. replaced icons and graphics in some apps for better synergy
10. I have used Phone.apk and dialertabactivity.apk from one of the ROM/theme kkrraazzyy on xda-developers forum
11. Lock screen calendar app from market to get appointments/meetings on lock screen.
1. TWLauncher other stock bloatwares
2. Original Gallery
& many more…
1.Zeam Launcher
2.Genie widget
4.S2 Email widget(transparent)
& few more…

To do..
1. polish email widget
2. polish phone.apk
3. odin version

Download: ChippyROM_v1.0

Booting Samsung GT-I9003 Galaxy SL in download mode…

Booting GT-I9003 in download mode…

Download-ModeFirst disconnect phone completely by removing power, data cables etc..

  1. Switch off phone and take out battery. Remove the SIM card along with the memory card to avoid any corruption to memory card or SIM malfunction.
  2. Put battery back in phone and hold the Volume Down button + the Home key button + Power Button.
  3. If you get the screen like the below one then you have successfully booted your device in the download mode.

If your device vibrates and boots normally with home screen then download mode is not initiated, in this case you again need to switch off the device and re-initiate above process.

Download mode is like a safe mode for your phone which will enable you to restore the files if anything goes wrong.

Happy Flashing… 🙂


Sharing is caring…Keep sharing 🙂